We are reverse mortgage experts licensed through out the entire state of Oregon. We specialize in just reverse mortgages, it is all we do.

The product can be fairly complicated and it really takes a specialist to make sure that you understand what it is and how it works. It is also critically important for the loan to be structured the right way so that it not only meets your needs today, but into the future as well.

We have been in the mortgage industry since 2001 and have been specializing in reverse mortgage  since 2015. I have  written two books about reverse mortgages and have been a sought after guest on both tv and radio.

When you work with me for you reverse mortgage you not only get me, but you get my whole team. This includes processors, loan mangers, underwriters, closers and  so many more people. This whole team makes the process to getting one of these loans really quick and painless.

We highly encourage you to reach out to use and see how we can help better your retirement. There is no cost of fees to meet with use. All meeting are confidential.

We look forward to hearing from you.