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Do you want to work with a local reverse mortgage specialist in Hubbard Oregon? You have come to the right place. Because we are close by, we can meet with your face-to-face in the comfort of your own home or at one of our offices.

You worked hard for the home you are living in now, and it’s likely worth more than ever. But if you’re retired or close to retirement and want to stay put, there may be some financial advantages to selling your Hubbard house and finding a new place where you can live out the rest of your years with dignity.

What Should You Expect from a Reverse Mortgage in Hubbard Oregon

A reverse mortgage in Hubbard  OR is a simple way to ensure that you’ll never run out of money in retirement. If your expenses are going up, then this strategy will allow you the peace of mind and security that many seniors need when they retire.

We are a direct reverse mortgage lender in Hubbard  OR – What that means is that we originate, process and fund our loans. We want to ensure you can work with us for the life of your loan by providing excellent service in each step of the process!

Can Anyone Apply for a Reverse Mortgage in Hubbard?

The vast majority of homes in Hubbard would qualify for a reverse mortgage. These types of homes include single family, manufactured homes where yo own the land, town homes and multi family homes. Condo’s can qualify as long as the HOA meets certain FHA requirements. Hubbard  homes that are unusual such as dome homes and A Frames may not qualify for a reverse mortgage. Homes that are in disrepair may not qualify as well.

A Hubbard reverse mortgage can provide many benefits for homeowners who are at retirement age with substantial equity in their home. It will pay off any existing liens against real estate property while not having any effect on Social Security income (because it does not require payment).

Are Reverse Mortgages in Hubbard Oregon Worth Applying for?

new home after rainThere are three types of reverse mortgages in Hubbard  OR. Some state and local government agencies offer single-purpose reverse mortgages; proprietary reverse mortgages are offered by private lenders; and then there are federally-insured reverse mortgages, HECMs, or Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.

When looking for Hubbard reverse mortgage lenders who are on their side through good times and bad, people should explore all possible sources including online reviews from other borrowers about how each provider reacted when faced with certain challenges themselves such as increased interest rates due to Fed policy changes over the last few years.

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A Hubbard reverse mortgage is an excellent way for many people to enhance their retirement lifestyle or simply take away the burdens of financial stress. While it is a great choice for many, it’s important to do your research first.

You’ve been thinking about getting a Hubbard reverse mortgage for years and you’re ready to take the leap. The first question is: Have I considered all my options? I’m excited to answer any questions you have about reverse mortgages! I’ve been working with them for years, so ask away. There’s no obligation and it’ll be my pleasure to see if a mortgage is the right option for you.