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custom built homeIf you are a senior living in Portland and wondering if you can afford to stay in your home when retirement rolls around, take heart. A reverse mortgage Portland OR gives people the option of staying in their homes without worrying about finances; it is an affordable loan that allows seniors to enjoy life as they please.

The best way to understand your options is to talk with a Portland reverse mortgage lender who will help you make the right choice based on your individual situation. We can help you through this process by answering all of your questions in a clear and unbiased manner so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this type of loan makes sense for you personally.

We can meet with you in the comfort of your own home or at one of our offices. We are local so we can get to know all about what you need and how it will help make living better for you. We live and breathe reverse mortgages in Portland Oregon.

Our team is made up of experts who know the ins-and-outs of this specialized product. We’ll create a HECM that meets your needs now, as well as in future years with customized plans to cover you for life’s surprises!

Portland Oregon Reverse Mortgage – Should You Get One

Portland Reverse mortgages are not free–there will always be some type of cost associated with taking one out including upfront fees and ongoing interest rates.

The great people who work on this amazing Portland reverse mortgage company have been processing direct loans since 2009. The life-long client relationship starts when we take care of them from beginning to end: by originating a mortgage, underwriting it through our experienced lending staff, funding it immediately so they can close fast or whenever they need too – then servicing every aspect until you are satisfied with your purchase home.

How Much Equity Do You Need to Get A Reverse Mortgage in Portland?

Our reverse mortgage loan officers in Portland OR are required to attend continuous training on the reverse mortgage loan options as well as advanced planning and utilization techniques so that we can provide a better service for all of our clients.

Another condition is that this property must be their main residence, Even if the homeowner owns multiple properties, they must live at the Portland house they have the reverse mortgage on full-time. Once they move out, they will be required to pay back the loan. This loan is ideal for:

Who Should I Call in Portland Oregon To Apply for a Reverse Mortgage?

Choosing the right type of Portland reverse mortgage for your needs is one thing, but it’s just as important to choose a lender that will work with you every step of the way. With so many different options available in this competitive market, it can be difficult to know which company or institution offers what they need and at an affordable price.

Reverse mortgages in Portland OR are one of the most exciting investments for retirement because with a reverse mortgage, you don’t have to worry about monthly payments.

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The following passage is about a process of applying for a Reverse Mortgage in Portland OR: “Applying for this type of loan in no different from any other mortgages.

A Portland reverse mortgage is a loan you take out for your home that will allow you to receive cash payments or a lump sum in the future.

You can use this money to pay off bills, make repairs on your home, or even leave it for your children when you pass away. But how old do you need to be? The answer is 62 years of age.

A reverse mortgage Portland OR can be a great way for seniors to tap into the equity they’ve built up in their homes without having to sell them or take out other loans.