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You will be working with a reverse mortgage lender in Sutherlin who is experienced in everything from counseling clients on their living arrangements and income requirements, up until closing day when they move into that much desired retirement spot. Fill out this quick questionnaire today so we can start matching you up with someone great ASAP!

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A Sutherlin reverse mortgage is a loan that gets paid off when the borrower dies. The most notable feature of this loan is it’s voluntary payments, which means you don’t have to make them if you choose not too! Reverse mortgages are available with tons of bells and whistles but at their core they’re just loans.

We are a direct reverse mortgage lender in Sutherlin OR – What that means is that we originate, process and fund our loans. We want to ensure you can work with us for the life of your loan by providing excellent service in each step of the process!

Is the Application Process for a Reverse Mortgage in Sutherlin Simple?

The Sutherlin reverse mortgage offers many benefits which include low interest rates and flexibility with payment terms (even being able to change them at will!). As such it’s worth exploring whether a reverse mortgage might benefit me before I work on paying more monthly mortgage payments.

As the population in Sutherlin continues to grow older and life expectancies increase, more people are going be living longer in retirement. The end of work is inevitable for many due to age or disability. One option that can provide an income source even after you’ve retired from labor may seem promising but it has its own set of pros and cons.

Do Both Me and My Spouse Have to Be on the Sutherlin Oregon Reverse Mortgage Application?

A reverse mortgage in Sutherlin OR is a great way for seniors to meet their financial needs and many people find it the perfect solution. Every person’s retirement goals are different, so if you’re having trouble with finances then this might be right up your alley!

I’m excited to answer any questions you have about Sutherlin reverse mortgages! I’ve been working with them for years, so ask away. There’s no obligation and it’ll be my pleasure to see if a mortgage is the right option for you.

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The benefits of a Sutherlin reverse mortgage are many, but only you can decide if it’s right for your life. Be wary of sales pitches and take advantage of the free services offered by independent counselors to make sure that you’re making an informed decision about any loan repayment terms or total costs. Consider these questions before signing

The right Sutherlin lender can mean the difference between a smooth process and one that leaves you frustrated. To find the best rates, it’s important to compare quotes from several different lenders. It may seem like an extra step but this method will ensure you get your dream home at competitive prices without any of those pesky bank fees or surprises along the way!

The Reverse Mortgage Specialist in Sutherlin OR will answer any and all of your questions about our company’s services. The first step is to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.